論文名稱: 數位貧窮與天災風險資訊來源: 來自臺灣傳播調查的證據
Digital Poverty and Disaster Risk Information Seeking: Evidence from the Taiwan Communication Survey
作者: 林宗弘  Lin, Thung-Hong
出處: 新聞學研究
出版年: 2019
卷期: 138
頁數: 131-162
關鍵字(中): 天災、數位貧窮、電視、網路、脆弱性
關鍵字(英): Natural Disaster, Risk Information Seeking, TV, Internet, Digital Poverty
摘要(中): 以網路科技協助民眾獲得天災風險資訊是熱門學術與實務議題,然而很少研究考慮數位貧窮對民眾天災資訊取得能力的影響。本文認為數位貧窮限制天災脆弱群體上網的風險資訊取得能力,使其更依賴傳統媒體電視來取得颱洪資訊。2016 年臺灣傳播調查資料庫(Taiwan Communication Survey, TCS)分析顯示天災脆弱群體屬於數位貧窮群體,反之亦然,難以上網而更依賴電視取得颱洪風險資訊,社經地位高者較少受災且更常從網路獲得颱洪風險資訊。災難管理政策應留意數位貧窮造成的風險資訊落差。
摘要(英): Using the Internet for natural disaster management and civic participation is now a hot issue in communication and disaster studies, but in the related literature the effect of digital poverty on people’s risk information seeking is largely neglected. This paper argues that a high risk population of climate disaster suffers from both social vulnerability and digital poverty, and therefore it is difficult for the Internet to become the most effective source of disaster risk information. Using the 2016 Taiwan Communication Survey, the data analysis shows that vulnerable people in Taiwan rely much more on TV rather than on the Internet to access disaster information for typhoons and floods, because of their digital poverty.

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